How to fix Clockworkmod Recovery boot loop issue

In case you installed Clockworkmod Recovery onto your Android device, you might encounter a serious bug that results in booting into Recovery each time. The only way to get into your system is a “cold-boot” (keep pressing power+VolDown, then select Android).

A complicated and long way to fix this is explained @

But if your device is already rooted, this is much much easier. Before you test the method described now, please read all the comments to this article. Users of some devices (like Asus Transformer) report that this fixed the problem, while users of other devices (e.g. SGS+) reported a soft-brick as result. Be careful – you’re doing this on your own risk!

Open a terminal window, e.g. with Android Terminal Emulator from

Now, enter “su” to get root access. Superuser might ask you for authorization.

Then enter

echo boot | dd of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p3 bs=1 seek=0

(please triple-check for mistyping!!!)

Reboot. Your device should now work normal again.
Hope it worked so easily for you as it did for me on my Transformer TF101G.


  • As you can read in the comments to this blog post, using this method works great for some devices, while it seems to have resulted in a soft-brick for other devices (e.g. SGS+) I strongly recommend to first research the web for alternative ways to fix the bootloop issue which are ESPECIALLY MADE FOR YOUR DEVICE. I also recommend to collect links to unbrick tutorials (see xda forums, Google and Youtube), so you immediately have some tools ready to unbrick your device. You might be required to reflash original-firmware or custom ROMs on your device in the end.
  • The “cold-boot” way to get into your system (as described in this blog post) is only available for certain devices, like the ASUS Transformer 101(g). Some custom recovery systems also have a terminal-feature that you could try to run the command on. If your device does not offer a cold-boot or any way to get into terminal-mode, your options are
    a) try all wipe/format/reset options within Clockworkmod Recovery until you’re get into your system again (note that of course all your data will be lost)
    b) download either the original firmware for your device or a custom rom and flash it to your device. You can do this with Clockworkmod Recovery or from your computer via USB, using adb and 3rd party tools. This will also overwrite your bootloader and fix the bootloop issue. For links and downloads, please check all subforums for your device in the xda forums.
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72 Responses to How to fix Clockworkmod Recovery boot loop issue

  1. jlrobinson29 says:

    Dude, your method of getting out of the boot loop was so easy!!! I don’t know why I wasted my time on an unamed site that helps so many in the Android Community!!!

    • Dunkel85 says:

      Nice that it worked so easily for you, too :)
      I read the complicated way on that site I linked in my post and assumed that it’s just so complicated if you don’t have root.
      Since I had root, I thought trying that in terminal might work. And it did ๐Ÿ˜€
      Unfortunately if you are unable to access your device via cold-boot or you don’t have root, I don’t see another way than doing it the “hard” way as described in the linked site or in the XDA forums.

  2. jarod1701 says:

    Thank you so much!! :-)

  3. Chigo17 says:

    I’ve been searching for this fix for a long time. Am going to try this solution right away

  4. Excalibur says:

    This is amazing !!!!

    When you look at the other instructions, those are so complicated.
    This simple command will fix the problem in no time.

    Thank you so much, you made my day.

  5. Paul says:

    Sorry to be a bit thick. I have no technical knowledge but I have the recovery bootloop issue on my TF201. How do I open a terminal window please if all it does is go into the CWM recovery window?

  6. Thank you! This method worked for my tf101 when it started looping into recovery after I installed cyanogenmod 10 nightly.

  7. Joey Heck says:

    Thanks, what a lifesaver this was!

  8. chickpea says:

    thank you for this, you are a saint.

  9. Jose Chaparro says:


    I did the above, since I was having the same problem. The device is fine for a day or so and then reboots or turns off whenever I attempt to open anything at all. I tap on an icon, the device freezes, and then either shuts down or reboots. Any idea what else I can do? Perhaps it would help if I do the rooting all over again? I have the Galaxy Tab SCH-I800 from Verizon.


    • Dunkel85 says:

      Hey Jose,
      are you using the stock-rom? (=original firmware, so without having flashed any custom roms or kernels yet)
      If yes, first things I’d check for is if there’s an update available. If it is, install.
      Next thing to try would be reverting everything back to factory defaults (there’s an option for that in the settings menu).
      Lastly, a hardware reset is worth a try. Dialing *#*#7780#*#* or *2767*3855# should be able to achieve that. Of course you’ll loose all data.

      If you are using a custom rom or kernel, I recommend re-flashing it via clockworkmod recovery.
      Or downloading an alternative custom rom from the XDA forums and flash it.

      Let me know if you need help with it.

  10. Max says:

    I have a little problem, after I wrote this on Terminal echo boot | dd of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p3 bs=1 seek=0
    I reboot
    And now it’s not rebooting, the screen stay black, if I put the cable to load , it doesn’t load.
    Please help me.
    Excuse me for my ugly english.

    • Dunkel85 says:

      Hey Max,
      – are you still able to get into the system via cold-boot? (keep pressing power+VolDown, then select Android)
      – are you able to get into Clockworkmod Recovery?
      – What device do you have?

      Maybe you mistyped the command – this could destroy the boot process.
      If you’re unable to do coldboot and also unable to get into Clockworkmod Recovery – then I’m afraid, flashing via download-mode is the only way out for you.
      xda forum has lots of tutorials and tools for that ->
      Basically, you need to download the stock rom for your device and flash it.
      How exactly this is done differs from device to device.
      I can help you finding the right resources and guiding you through it, if you let me know what device model exactly you have.
      I also recommend to check youtube (search terms e.g. “unbrick”+”sgs” or whatever device you have) – you’ll find lots of video tutorials for unbricking each device.


  11. sarfaraz says:

    Hi, i am facing the same boot loop problem since the installation of clockworkmod recovery, i was trying to root and install cyanogenmod 7.2 on my galaxy S I9000, now the problem is that my phone neither goes into recovery mode nor download mode, i have tried the key sequence (vol up+home+power) several time but samsung logo appears and it goes to a screen with multicolored horizontal lines (mostly white), please help me out, thanks.

    • Dunkel85 says:

      I am afraid for you the only option to restore your device is by flashing either stock or a custom ROM via download mode.
      xda forum has lots of tutorials and tools for that ->
      Basically, you need to download the stock rom (there are links to stock ROMs for all devices in the xda forums) for your device and flash it using the flashing/unbricking tools from xda forums.
      Alternatively to the original stock roms, you can of course also try flashing any compatible custom ROM that is supported by your device.
      Also check youtube with search terms like “i9000 unbrick” or “i9000 flash”.

      Let me know if you can’t find anything, then I’ll help you finding it.

      • Shail Shah says:

        I’m facing the same problem as sarfaraz..
        I executed your command and by that i found bootloader and CWM uninstalled from my cell.
        Also it doesnt work!!
        So provide any solution for the same/…

        Also provide necessary steps to install any rom..
        (no bootloader+no CWM) :(
        You “so called command” proved to be fatal for my Galaxy S I9000..

  12. Marq says:

    I’m having trouble. Ealier today. I tried restoring my android LG Spectrum 4G (“Revolution 2”) And forgot i was rooted. And then a blackscreen came up. Then i put my device in the clockworld mod & tried to restore it. but i never installed any custom roms or anything. If anybody can help it’ll be gadly appreciated.

    • Dunkel85 says:

      @Marq: So you do have clockworkmod recovery installed on your device? So when rebooting into recovery mode, do you see the Clockworkmod recovery, or just the standard Android stock recovery mode?
      Either way, if you are completely unable to get into the normal Android OS (e.g. via cold-boot as described in my blog post), then you need to get a stock ROM or a supported custom ROM for your device model, put it onto your SDcard and flash it via Clockworkmod Recovery.
      If you are unable to get a ROM onto your SDcard, the only way left is to flash it via USB from your computer, via download mode.
      xda forum has lots of tutorials and tools for that ->
      Basically, you need to download the stock rom (there are links to stock ROMs for all devices in the xda forums) for your device and flash it using the flashing/unbricking tools from xda forums. Alternatively to stock roms, as mentioned, you can also try it with any supported custom ROM.

      Let me know if you can’t find it, then I’ll take a look.

  13. Jim says:

    Just a small note to say thanks. Your idea worked like a charm.

  14. Jim says:

    As a side note, I added an alias for this command so if it comes up again, just type “fixboot” in a shell and its good to go

    • Dunkel85 says:

      Can you please tell us where and how exactly you have done this?
      Perhaps we can put together a script or make a small app that fixes the bootloop,
      so that people don’t have to install a terminal emulator and type the command.

  15. goran_bgd says:

    it’s worked for my boot looping i9000 on JB 4.1.1…thanks a loot

    • Marielle says:

      Hey! How’d you do it? I mean, I’m stuck in cwm. I can’t access the application in my samsung galaxy s plus gt i9001.
      How do I do this for a samsung phone? It just goes back to cwm.

      • Dunkel85 says:

        Hello Marielle!
        To be honest, I don’t know if cold-boot is even possible on the Samsung Galaxy.
        At least I could not find a quick way to do this on Google.
        If you have no way to get into the normal Android system at the moment, your options are:
        a) In CWM, do “Wipe data/factory reset” and/or “Wipe cache partition”, “Wipe dalvik cache”
        b) Put a stock or custom ROM onto your SD card so that you can flash it via CWM;
        List of custom roms:
        c) Flash a custom or stock ROM via download mode (hold Volume down + home + power while its off) and using the application “Odin” on your PC

  16. ernesc says:

    hello, I have problem with cold start. Then I hold volDown and power buttons, phone opening cwm. There isnt any android icon. Can you help? Phone galaxy s plus I9001

  17. gp says:

    Greetings from HTC One S land. Have rooted and flashed cwm Am now in this exact bootloop. entered command to no avail. Since I can’t get out of CWM bootloop am now sure how app helps me, though SU was installed prior to brick. any further advice/explanation would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  18. Monte says:

    i have the lg esteem with metro pcs. i installed the exit recovery file using cwm , but when i reboot my phone it freezes on a blank screen after the lg animation goes off. please help?!?!

  19. wilkit says:

    hi, i happen to have a rooted android LG L3 E400 device. I recently performed a software update and my phone went into clockworkmod recovery. I have tried rebooting but still goes back to clockworkmod recovery. I have also tried pressing the power + VolDown + Menu buttons but i get a white blank screen as output. I am stranded on what to do so as to get back to the normal android OS. Any help granted will be highly appreciated.. PLEAAASE HELP!

  20. Yannos says:

    hey mate, I had this problem also, and I tried thied echo boot | dd of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p3 bs=1 seek=0 from adb shell from my pc when my phone was connected via usb.. and now the cell phone does not power on at all… any idea?

  21. jay says:

    the command prompt says it does not recognize the command. helllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllpppppppppppppppp me please

    • Dunkel85 says:

      That sounds as if you mistyped the command. Of course I can also imagine that you have some unusual device or Android version where this commands are not available. What device and Android version do you have?
      What happens when you enter “su”?
      What happens when you enter “echo boot” only?
      Note that the complete command is: “echo boot | dd of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p3 bs=1 seek=0” where only the “of” and “block” contains an “o”, while the “0” before “p3” and after “seek=” are zeros.

      Also, make sure you have the busybox app installed:

  22. Yan says:

    nice… this command broke my phone… i cant power it on…. now what?

    • Dunkel85 says:

      Try if you can get into download mode (see previous comments), so that you can re-flash it from your computer. There are lots of unbrick tutorials on youtube and in the XDA forums for every device model.

      • Yan says:

        I already tried that, i also bought usb jib, but nothing… like my phone has no battery… tried all key combinations, but black screen again

        • Dunkel85 says:

          Sounds like a hard-brick :/ Looks like there’s no way around sending it back to dealer, or manufacturer.
          However, make sure it’s not just your charger that died. Happened to me once *g*

          But if the problem is software based, reflashing it from computer should work; of course it’s quite complicated, and you need to follow many tutorial with lots of patience.
          Good luck!

  23. fagster says:

    Thanks very much, very clearly explained, worked a treat on TF101!

  24. LuckyMe says:

    I do not understand well.. but how can I enter in android terminal emulator if my phone is not entering in the system because is on loop booting with ClockWorkMod?

  25. andy says:

    this cmd gave my galaxy s plus a full brick :(

    • Dunkel85 says:

      Sorry to hear that. But I doubt that your device is hard-bricked; it’s probably just soft-bricked, so having a defect bootloader or firmware ROM. Check xda forums for your device for unbrick tutorials, tools. Youtube also has many unbrick videos for lots of devices.

  26. Andrew says:

    I have Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (SGH-i317m).
    I was trying out a couple of custom ROMs, and the last one that I flashed is giving me a boot loop problem.
    The issue though is that I CANNOT boot into CWM or download mode…. They all just show the samsung logo and it stalls there until I have to take the battery out..
    Any ideas as to how I can fix this?

    • Dunkel85 says:

      No access to download-mode? I noticed that with some devices, the download-mode might be working although there is nothing displayed on the screen. You should be able to check that by plugging it into the computers USB port. When then pressing the buttons to get into download mode for your device, check if the USB drives are added or some device is being installed.
      If that happens, flashing custom ROMS or stock firmware over ADB or other tools should be possible.

      If no sign of download mode or a way to cold-boot is to be found – I’m afraid you’ll have to send back to dealer/manufacturer and hope that they don’t notice anything that voided the guarantee. Maybe you need to pay.

      But make sure that you studied all unbrick tutorials from xda forums, youtube, etc. for your device.

  27. Don Warlick says:

    I have a different problem. I have rooted my tf101, but now it just go through the boot loop. I tried the power vol down then up, but it just continues in the loop. Most of the answers about this mention using the terminal, but if you can even get to the recovery, how can I use terminal. many thanks for any assistance.

    • Dunkel85 says:

      Oh, that doesn’t sound good.
      Please make sure you cold-boot exactly as described in this video:
      Not being plugged into charger and holding keys as long as possible is essential.

      If you’re really completely unable to get into that cold-boot screen which allows you to get into the normal android system, you only have 3 options left:
      a) use your installed recovery system do reset to factory defaults / wipe cache partition / etc. Try formatting/resetting with all available options. Of course any data will be lost.
      b) Flash either a custom rom or the original stock rom onto your device via download mode. (press volUP+power for about 3 seconds) The screen will stay black, but the transformer will now be accessible via USB. Flashing is now done via ADB or with tools that can be downloaded in the XDA forums.
      c) Flash either a custom rom or the original stock rom onto your device via your installed Recovery system. This of course requires being able to access the internal/external storage. I had the problem that my Recovery system could only access the internal storage, not the external. So I was unable to get firmware onto it and had to use mentioned method b)

      Good luck!

  28. Don Warlick says:

    Thanks for the reply and information. I have tried numerous times to do the power/vol combination. When I press them some text shows about doing a data wipe, it then disappears and the boot loop continues. I tried connecting to the tablet from my PC, but I keep getting error messages about not being able to connect. I don’t think the USB debugging is turned on. I can access the tablet at all, so I can’t change any of the settings.

  29. Don Warlick says:

    Thank you – With some trial and error, I was able to install the APX drivers and then use EasyFlasher to get my Transformer back to stock Android. At lease now I can work with it – Again a great big thanks – don

    • Dunkel85 says:

      Super, glad that it works now for you.
      I also had much trouble with the APX drivers, either I could not get a connection, or it was unstable, or the result wasn’t properly, etc.
      Was costing me a lot of nerves and time, I guess you can imagine ๐Ÿ˜‰

  30. Paquito says:

    Confirmed, this will hard brick a sgs+ :/

  31. Hans Meester says:

    Your method of getting out of the boot loop was very easy.
    With copy/paste the code in a terminal, it was no trouble at all. Thank you.

  32. Mike says:

    Sad sad sad

    like many others i had the bootloop problem and followed your way to fix it.
    did a copy and paste of the commandline instruction, got an ok and rebooted my phone.
    Well it did turn off, but no way to get it back on, i tryed any possible key combo to get it fired up, but nothing.
    my guess the only way to get it back to work is to find someone with a jtag riff.

    Bottom line, i had to buy another phone !!
    And can only hope to get my GT-I9001 sgs plus fixed.

    placed a warning on G+ sgs plus owners !!

  33. aman says:

    m having problem in booting in recovery mode in my htc desire hd… phone stuck at htc…..does it help me……??

    • Dunkel85 says:

      I don’t think this will help you then.
      Sounds more like your bootloader is corrupted.
      I’d recommend to check xda forums for flash tools and stock roms for your htc desire hd,
      so you can re-flash the stock firmware incl. bootloader – that should do the trick.

  34. SAMROCK says:

    Hi, I had previously installed Cm 10.1 on my Galaxy Splus GT I-9001. I tried to roll back into stock rom using ODIN and the phone got soft bricked. I carefully followed the steps to unbrick my soft bricked GT-I9001 using ODIN and the process completed on ODIN and i unplugged my phone from the USB cable. But my phone boots again and again now. Please help

    • Dunkel85 says:

      When flashing a correct original stock rom, this should overwrite the bootloader and other boot-process involved data which should fix the problem.
      I suggest trying it with a different stock ROM – make sure it’s the correct ROM. Xda forum surely has links to download different stock ROMs
      for your device. Maybe you selected the wrong flashing settings within Odin, that would explain why the issue is not solved.

  35. sagar says:

    hey how can i open terminal hen my phone is not switching ON ?? plz rply mee NEED instant help

    • Dunkel85 says:

      You need to check if your device has a “cold-boot” function. If so, you can still get into your normal operating system when selecting the cold-boot option.
      Alternatively you could try flashing TWRP recovery onto your phone which allows terminal access from within the recovery system.
      Lastly, if nothing else helps, you need to flash a stock ROM on your device, so it’s exactly as it was when you bought it.

  36. tim Chan says:

    My i9000 internal memory seems failed. It enter download mode, then gone into blank after 10 sec. Thus, I cannot even flash it.

  37. Alex says:

    Very easy. I tried a lot of thinks, but this command solved the problem. Thanks! I’m using an ASUS Transformer tf101. Regards!

  38. DazLME says:

    Too bad make my devices ” Red light of death “

  39. alex says:

    Neither worked nor gave me a brick. Was worth trying, though. Any other tips? My CWM based recovery doesn’t work (almost all options give E:can’t mount), device can be reached through adb, I tried using idme to set normal bootmode, but it gives /sbin/sh idme not found, using your solution gave
    D:\ADB>adb devices
    List of devices attached
    20080411 recovery
    D:\ADB>adb shell
    ~ # echo boot | dd of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p3 bs=1 seek=0
    echo boot | dd of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p3 bs=1 seek=0
    5+0 records in
    5+0 records out
    5 bytes (5B) copied, 0.000817 seconds, 6.0KB/s but, asI said, nothing’s changed, phone goes straight into recover, specifically CWM-based Recovery v6.0.1.2

  40. Hamad Gondal says:

    Not working in my case please help i have a samsung galaxy S :(

  41. Fregato says:

    Maledetto! Ho bloccato il mio Samsung Galaxy S Plus seguendo la tua guida!
    Ora non si accende minimamente e non c’รจ modo di fare nessun recovery… Grazie!

  42. bidoson12 says:

    I have LG SU760 an my phone is bricked, is there no easy solution to it that I can do by myself? Pls help….

  43. mr-techno says:

    Tried your method on my LG Optimus L3 (e400), and now I can’t even turn on my phone. No bootloader, no recovery, nothing….Any solution for that error?

  44. saurabh says:

    my cwm recovery screen turns pink and then crashes, i am unable to switch on my phone
    model : sony xperia j
    rotted, unlocked bootloader, jellybean .31 firmware
    please help

  45. A guy whose tablet has been broken since Jelly Bean was released says:

    I freaking love you man. This worked.

  46. Ravi says:

    Hi, I don’t know if this is the same issue. But, after I flashed my Moto G XT1033 with CWM (touch and non-touch versions), I tried entering the recovery mode to root my phone. But all I get is a black screen, with some lines or batches of pixels flashing. I left the phone that way for about 10-15 minutes and still no luck.
    Your solution works if the phone is rooted, but what should I do in my case, where I am trying to root it?

    Thanks, Warrier

  47. thersten says:

    Jesus H Christ! this worked like a charm. I wasted several days of my life trying other methods until I found your post. Thank you!

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  49. AB says:

    Please be cautious with this boot loop method. The terminal command was posted in another forum, and it was unclear that it was unsuitable for my HTC One M8. My phone is bricked and none of the hard resets or power ups will work to turn it on at all. I suggest to the author that he enters a clear device-specific warning in the original thread.

  50. shair says:

    im not able to on my phone stuck on boot logo , is that possible to open that emulator on boot via recover or anything plz help

  51. vinit says:

    My phone is xolo a500s IPS …. I installed jetz custom ROM but it got stuck in boot loop .. M unable to go to the recovery mode and this logo is just appearing for a moment and going away again and again … Please help!!!!!

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